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Port Shipping Containers have designed a range of portable accommodation containers that are not only comfortable and pleasing to look at, but also strong and secure. As our accommodation units are made from the structure of a shipping container, they are built extremely tough and will last through even the harshest conditions. We can build accommodation solutions to house as little as one person to as many of 6 and up. As our portable accommodation units are modular, you can add as many additional rooms as you like. If you're limited by space, our accommodation units are also stackable so you can build up instead of out. You can select from our pre-designed housing containers or design your own.

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Container Housing Accommodation
Our portable accommodation units are perfect for temporary housing and can accommodate one to several people.

Pre-Designed Portable Accommodation Containers

Below you can find a few of the pre-designed accommodation units that Port Shipping Containers offer. They are perfect for student housing, mining and construction site accommodation, and holiday cabins for caravan parks. These designs are examples of just some of the housing solutions that Port Shipping Containers can provide, and we're able to custom build an accommodation unit to your specifications.

20' accommodation unit  

The Pacific
20' Accommodation Unit - Sleeps 1

Perfect for temporary or permanent residents for a student or single living. Includes kitchenette, ensuite, hot water system, air conditioner, living and dining areas and room for a single bed with wardrobe.

20' Mining Camp  

The Kakadu
20' Bunker - Sleeps 3 to 6

Designed to be transported anywhere, for any application. Ideal for remote exploration, remote road or mining camps, backpacker accommodation and the defence force. Single or bunk beds optional.

40' accommodation unit  

The Longbeach - Option 1
40' Accommodation Unit - Sleeps 2 to 4

This unit will comfortably house 2 people, though will accommodate 4 people with fold-out sofa bed. Includes same range of accessories as smaller accommodation unit 'The Pacific'.

12m accommodation unit  

The Longbeach - Option 2
40' Accommodation Unit - Sleeps 2 to 4

Slightly different layout as the above option with the inclusion of a dining area and compact kitchenette.

40' mining camp  

The Station
40' Bunker - Sleeps 4 to 8

A larger version of 'The Kakadu'. For large camps, and big projects, can be transported anywhere for any site, “The Station” can be utilised as single man or bunked room accommodation.


Our Accommodation Container Housing features:

  • Full Painted Premium Grade Container - large colour range
  • Perfect for Mining, Student, Residential and Holiday accommodation.
  • Easy plumbing and electrical connections
  • Ready plans or custom designed to suit your application
  • Australian Made

Large accessory range which include:

  • Kitchenette
  • Ensuite
  • Air conditioner
  • Wide range of doors and windows
  • Vinyl flooring or floating floor boards
Accommodation Container Housing

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