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If you are looking for the safest and best Combustible Storage in Australia, you have come to the right place. Port Shipping Containers are the leaders in designing and constructing purpose-built new Shipping Containers for storage of any Combustible Materials.

Keep your Combustibles stored safe and secure without the risk of fines and severe penalties. Our combustible goods storage containers are also ideal for storing paint, thinners, diesel, chemicals any other potentially dangerous substance. They feature an internal safety handle, lockable valve tap, bunded floor with spark free meshing, large vents for ventilation and optional safety signage.

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Combustible Storage
Our combustible storage containers have a bunded floor to capture any spillage of dangerous materials.

Side Opening Combustible Storage

Other than our standard 10' and 20' dangerous goods shipping containers, we also offer 20' side opening combustible storage containers. Optional accessories can be installed into your combustible goods containers which include roller doors, heavy duty shelving, security lock box and more. These units have an additional set of bi-folding side doors which make it easier to load your hazardous materials.

Combustible storage container features:

  • Full Painted Premium Grade Container
  • An RHS floor frame
  • Double opening doors
  • Front steel bund wall
  • Non-spark industrial mesh floor covering
  • Weather proof vents
  • Internal safety handle
  • With all appropriate plates & signage
  • Lockable valve tap
  • Australian Made
  • Storage capacity of approx 4,000 litres (10' unit)
  • Storage capacity of approx 10,000 litres (20' unit)
Combustible Storage

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