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Insulated Shipping Containers


If you need to store goods at a constant temperature then an insulated shipping container is the perfect storage solution. Insulated shipping containers are usually non-operational refrigerated containers. Refrigerated containers have insulated walls to keep the cooled air in and stop the container from heating up from the outside. When a refrigerated containers motor has expired, the motor is removed and the container is sold as an insulated container. Standard general purpose shipping containers and high cube containers can also be modified and turned into insulated shipping containers by installing insulated panelling. These insulated containers can also be used as a base for an accommodation unit or studio.

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Insulated containers for sale
New and used insulated containers ready for delivery.


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New & Used Insulated Containers

Our insulated containers come in 20' and 40' shipping container sizes. Our new insulated containers are made by installing insulated panels to a general purpose or high cube container, while our used insulated containers are made from non-functioning refrigerated containers. We have insulated shipping containers in stock Australia wide and can organise fast delivery to your location. Call us today on 1300 981 896 for more information.

Overview of the Insulated Containers we supply

  • New Insulated containers created from General purpose or High Cube shipping container with insulated panelling.
  • Used non-functional refrigerated containers are perfect as an insulated shipping container.
  • Insulated walls keep the temperature inside the container are kept at a constant climate.
  • 20' and 40' insulated containers available for sale
  • The most common uses for insulated containers include: food storage, perishable goods storage, environmental testing, domestic & commercial storage.
  • Used for transport and storage of goods.
  • Fast delivery of insulated shipping containers Australia wide.
  • Large range of shipping container accessories available.
Insulated shipping containers made from refrigerated containers

Further Insulated Shipping Container Details

Insulated Container Sizes

Other Shipping Container Products include:

Standard Shipping Containers:
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Modified Shipping Containers:

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