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If you're looking to store or transport tall or heavy equipment, then a standard shipping container may not be the best option. You will most likely need one of our specialised products - an open top shipping container. Our open top containers have similar specifications to our general purpose shipping containers with one additional feature, a removable tarpaulin roof. This removable roof allows you to load your shipping container by crane and deposit your cargo through its rooftop. The removable tarpauling is made from a durable thick PVC material with heavy duty eyelets. It stretches over the top of the container and is secured by ropes. The tarpauling is also weather proof so your cargo wil be safe from wind and water when fastened correctly.

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Open Top Shipping Containers
Open Top Shipping Containers are perfect for loading heavy cargo through the roof of the container by crane.


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New & Used Open Top Containers

We have a range of new and used open top shipping containers available to buy. Our numerous container depots Australia wide have open top containers ready for delivery and can delivery your open top container quickly without worry. If you're interested in buying an open top shipping container then call one of our friendly sales team and we'll assist you with any of your container related enquiries.

Open Top Shipping Container Features:

  • Designed for heavy and awkward cargoes
  • Allows loading/unloading through the roof aperture using overhead lifting equipment or through the door.
  • Supplied with TIR approved PVC tarpaulins (otherwise known as tilts) with removable rear header to protect cargo.
  • The actual roof aperture is smaller than the internal dimensions of the container, due to protrusion of the top side rails (needed to support the roof bows) and the stubs (supporting the header bar over the door).
  • Attachable bow and sealing devices.
  • The floor of the container is of hardwood or plywood - diffusses odours and stains.
  • Number of cargo securing points in the floor or along the bottom side rail.
Open Top Shipping Container with removable roof

Further Open Top Shipping Container Details

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